Delta GDP's mission is to explore international development with Columbia' undergraduate community. At the core of our vision is the understanding that development is a multifaceted concept. It aims at human flourishing, not just economic growth, so it necessarily spans an array of fields such as education, medical care, food security, gender issues, justice, and political stability. We are non-partisan; we seek out contrasting opinions in order to shed clarity on the current ongoing debate of what development entails, where it is heading, and what we should do about it as global citizens.

We firmly believe that innovation is key to the creation of a more sustainable and ethical model of development. In light of this, we call ourselves members of a "project" devoted to exploring these innovations as they continually arise. One result has been events which engage the community in new and more meaningful ways. For example, our case contests are not simply exercises in vain because we develop them with village leaders, government authorities, or social planners in order to deliver the winning ideas to the people who requested (and really need) them. We have podcasts which enable everyone to benefit from our speakers, even those not from Columbia but who have chanced upon our site. If we have a key speaker for an issue, we may precede it with a student debate or follow it up with a documentary. By doing so, we hope to create long-lasting interest in international development and a more sophisticated understanding of global issues for our audience.